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Fixed Payout

We understand that fixed income would give us more energy. So we are offering Rs 20,000 as fixed payout for every 10 referrals.  

20% Recurring Commission

The Industry's best commission of 20% to every new customer! Get started and take advantage of the promotional affiliate fee.

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You will get a commission from every sale that your referrals make... FOREVER.

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Want to provide something special to your audience? We have the easiest page and funnel building tool on the planet ready to help any business to grow.

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Answers to your questions

What are the payment options?

You have to provide us a PayPal email or Bank Information plus a valid invoice to transfer the payment to you.

What Happens if i don't get 10 referrals in a Month?

In case you get less that 10 referrals in a month then you get standard 20% commission on each referral and you must have at least 3 active referrals. 

Is it free to become an Affiliate?
Yes, it is 100% free to become an Affiliate partner and promote the platform.

How do I get paid?

For every successful subscription from a referral who registered trough you, you will get a Fixed/commission to your account. Payments will be transferred to the payable balance after 7 days from a successful subscription event. The minimum payout amount is 4000 INR and you must have at least 3 active referrals.

How much is the commission?

We offer 20% commission on every subscription we have. It should be in between 2k - 7 k.

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